What Are Plastic Vacuum Storage Bags?

A vacuum storage bag is a plastic pouch that forms an airtight seal when zippered shut. They are used to store clothing, bedding, artwork, documents, toys, and more.

Types of Plastic Vacuum Storage Bags

1. Roll Up Storage Bags

2. Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags

3. Standard Vacuum Storage Bags

4. Spacesaver Vacuum Storage Bags

5. Threads and Threaded Storage Bags

1. Roll Up Storage Bags

Roll-up storage bags are made from thin plastic sheeting, where the bag rolls at one end of the pouch. It is popular because of its lightweight, portability, and durability.

The bag is rolled up using a tube of plastic that helps seal the bag shut. Roll-up bags are suitable for storing clothes for extended periods without any damage to them.

2. Hanging Storage Bags

Hanging vacuum bags are made out of thin plastic material with a zipper that runs along three sides. The fourth side is open when the bag is placed upright when air is removed by rolling down on the bag. The bag is suitable for storing clothes for extended periods to protect the clothing against household pests.

3. Standard Vacuum Storage Bags

Standard vacuum storage bags are made of plastic and come in 4 sizes. They can be used for storing clothes that need to be kept at a specific temperature. The bags are available in two sizes: large and small. The large bag will hold a thicker coat, while the space-saving bag will store a smaller coat or pillowcase.

4. Spacesaver Vacuum Storage Bags

Spacesaver storage is a plastic bag that fits around the item. It shrinks as it is vacuumed, and at the end of the process, its size will fit through a one-way stretch mesh to make it as small as one cubic inch. The bags are made from polyethylene film, and they come in two sizes: large and small. They are perfect for storing clothing that needs to be kept in a specific temperature range.

5. Threads and Threaded Storage Bags

Thread and threaded storage bags are made to keep quilt-like items for longer periods without losing their shape or structure. These bags can be used for storing non-stretchable items such as cloth, blankets, and pillows.

Thread and threaded storage bags come in two sizes: small and large. They can store clothing, blankets, pillows, and quilts made from cotton, synthetic fiber, or wool.

How Can You Check the Quality of the Bags?

You can check the quality of the plastic used in the bags by cutting a small hole on one of its edges. If you can see any rips, dirt, dust, or plastic threads sticking out from the edge, you will know it has been compromised. You should also check if the plastic of vacuum storage bags can be torn into pieces using your bare hands. If it is, then it will not be of any use as a storage bag.

Are Our Vacuum Storage Bags Waterproof?

Vacuum storage bags are not waterproof, unlike their vacuum sealer counterparts. It does not matter how well it is sealed since the layer of air between the bag and its contents would be enough to let any moisture seep through the layers of plastic before reaching its contents. Another reason why it is so fragile is that it is made of plastic which means it will be likely to crack if exposed to freezing temperatures, including freezing. However, you can use these bags as a dust collector if you freeze them instead of storing your items inside them.

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Buying a vacuum sealer is a good investment for your household or business use. You can preserve food that you have at home for a longer time. Vacuum storage bags are also a good investment, but you need to ensure that they can offer the proper protection, whether from dust or other moisture.


Q1. What about chamber vacuum sealers?
A1. Chamber vacuum sealers are the same as other vacuum sealers in that they can help you seal your food, especially meats, so that it will be able to last longer. The only difference is that chamber vacuum sealers tend to store food simultaneously, whereas the other type does not. You can get both types of vacuum sealers online or offline, depending on what you want.

Q2. What items should not be vacuum-packed?
A2. As you have already known, most vacuum sealers are used to pack food items to be kept fresh for a long time. The only drawback of this process is that it is not recommended to use vacuum sealers on delicate foods such as berries, citrus/grapes, fish, persimmons, and small fruits since the packaging process can destroy some of their smell or taste.